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P600 8" Chef's Knife
P600 6" Utility Knife
P600 4" Paring Knife
  • 10x Sharper & Harder Than Steel: The Zirconium Ceramic our P600 blades are made from is the hardest material known to man other than diamonds. This means faster, more precise cutting.
  •  Light Weight Yet Robust: You won't believe how pleasant the P600 knives are to handle! Not only do they perform better than steel knives—they also feelbetter,
  • Versatile: Perfect for chopping, dicing, slicing, paring, julienning, carving and so much more.
  • 75% Special Launch Discount + FREE Shipping: The full P600 Ceramic Set usually costs £276, which includes:
  • ⇒ 8” P600 Chef’s Knife (RRP £139)
  • ⇒ 6” P600 Utility Knife (RRP £99)
  • ⇒ 4” P600 Paring Knife (RRP £38)
  • HOWEVER for our product launch - we are offering the entire P600 set now at only £69 shipped!
  • That’s right, we’re even throwing in free shipping.
  • That’s an outrageous offer saving you £207!
Thousands Of Customers Love Our Ultra-Sharp P600 Knives...
Dave Johnson
"I haven't had to sharpen them once."
John Parkes
"It is surprisingly sharp with a really nice rock to it. My kids call them ghost knives cos of the colour."
Natalie Richter
"Actually they're even sharper than my ultra expensive steel knives."
Artemis Gogo
"I've never seen a knife cut a tomato that smoothly before..."
How Do Our Knives Compare To Other Brands?
Stop wasting your hard-earned cash on knives that aren't worth it.
Choose Chef's Foundry and upgrade your kitchen now.
Why are the P600 knives so much better than normal steel knives?
The P600 uses zirconium ceramic blades which are 10 times harder and therefore sharper than steel. The only material known to man which is harder is cut diamond. Sharper blades will make food preparation take considerably less effort, less time and make leading a healthy lifestyle easier.
How do you ship the knives?
We ship the knives using the Royal Mail. This means your knives are guaranteed to arrive within five working days. And, because you are our valued customer, we cover P&P - so you don't have to.
Why do you need my email address and phone number when I order?
We use your email address to send you a confirmation of your purchase - this confirmation also acts as an invoice and receipt for your order.

Your phone number is used in case we're having trouble delivering your order.

We will NEVER sell or rent your personal details to third parties.
Who are Chef's Foundry?
We are a leading kitchenware manufacturer specialising in sourcing high quality kitchen tools that make your life in the kitchen easier. It is our mission to make delicious healthy eating accessible by providing high quality tools that make your food prep a breeze.
What's the Chef's Foundry Sharpest Knife Guarantee?
We know you'll agree the P600's are the sharpest knives you've EVER used. We're so confident in the P600's, we offer a 30 Day Sharpest Knife Guarantee. 

Try them for 30 days, and if they're not the sharpest knives you've ever used, simply send them back to our warehouse for a full refund:

Chef's Foundry
c/o OFEX, Unit A2,
Upper Nashenden Farm
Stoney Lane, off Maidstone Road

Once we receive them back we'll provide a full, no questions asked refund!
How do I contact you?
Email us on the address below for any enquiries:

or call: 0203 409 0975

Get The Full P600 Set For 75% Off

(1 x 8" Chef's Knife + 1 x 6" Utility Knife + 1 x 4" Paring Knife) 

Usually £276 - Today Just £69 Shipped. Save £207!

FREE Shipping In The U.K.!
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Was £276.00 - but order today and save 75%! Get one full knife set for just £69 including shipping within the United Kingdom.
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