5 Reasons Why 10,254+ Americans Threw Away Their Old Non-Stick Pans For This New P600 Ceramic Cookware Range...

June 21, 2023 - By Eddy Barret, Chief Editor

Trusted by over 10,254 happy American customers

Cooking with regular non-stick pans may jeopardize your family's health...

Discover the revolutionary solution that is taking the culinary world by storm - the Chefs Foundry P600 Cookware range.

Not only does it offer unparalleled convenience, but it also ensures the safety of your loved ones.


Here are 5 reasons why over 10,254 Americans have already switched to this game-changing ceramic cookware range.

1. Toxin-Free: Cook with Confidence Knowing You're Not Consuming Any Deadly Chemicals

Most non-stick pans are fragile, and when their coating chips, it can potentially lead to the seepage of toxic chemicals like PFAs into your food.

The main ingredients in most non-stick pans are toxins called polyfluoroalkyl substances or PFA’s for short.

And even though you may have read that one type of PFA, called PFOA (Perfluorooctanoic acid), was banned recently. ²

This has made no difference and is actually scandalous in itself.

Because what you may not know is that the companies involved simply tweaked the molecule and used a new and untested type of PFA. ³

If you use a non-stick pan to cook with, chances are it is BRIMMING with PFAs.

In fact, almost all black, non-stick cookware use PFAs in some form.

And the international scientific community are becoming increasingly alarmed that these substances are linked to:

  • Birth Defects

  • Hyperthyroidism

  • Autoimmune Diseases

  • ​Testicular & Kidney Cancer

  • & Even Obesity

At Chefs Foundry, we're on a mission to revolutionize your cooking experience and prioritize your health above all else.

That's why we've gone above and beyond to develop the P600 cookware range, which is free from harmful toxins like PFAs and crafted with a premium non-toxic ceramic coating to ensure that every meal you make is cooked to perfection while safeguarding your well-being.

We get every batch independently tested for PFAs, Lead and Cadmium to 100% ensure there's absolutely no toxins coming into contact with your food. 

2. Long-Lasting: The Most Durable Ceramic Cookware on the Market

The P600 cookware features ILAG's Xeradur 2 ceramic coating, specially designed to resist cracks and discoloration. Drive over them with a car and they still won't break!

The P600 cookware range is specifically engineered to be the most durable ceramic cookware available, capable of withstanding high heat and resisting wear and tear.

This is in stark contrast to regular ceramic pans, which are known for their tendency to crack and discolor over time.

To achieve this level of durability, we partnered with Swiss company ILAG, the world leaders in ceramic coating...

To exclusively license their Xeradur 2 ceramic coating for use on our Chefs Foundry P600 cookware.

ILAGs special Xeradur coating uses a special 3 step process to heat seal the ceramic.

It leads to a superior non-stick coating that is both durable and doesn’t discolour.

Making the P600 cookware range, the most reliable ceramic cookware on the market.

Just take a look below how it compares to regular ceramic.

Customers consistently choose the P600 Cookware range for its reliability and quality ceramic coating.

3. Superior Nonstick Coating: Hassle-Free Cooking and Effortless Cleaning In Under 30 Seconds

Thanks to our exceptional non-stick ceramic coating that prevents food from sticking, you can even cook eggs without oil. Heck, even caramel doesn't stick!

Our premium Swiss ILAG Xeradur 2 ceramic coating offers superior non-stick properties compared to other non-stick pans.

In fact, you can cook anything from delicate fish to fluffy eggs without even using oil!

The best part is when you're done cooking, clean up takes less than 30 seconds because nothing's stuck to the pan.

Not to mention our cookware range is also dishwasher safe, making it even more convenient for busy cooks.

4. Convenient & Space Saving: Say goodbye to burnt food, spills, and messy cleanups. 

The P600 Cookware comes with detachable handles for easy storage and a glass lid to help you monitor your food without having to lift the lid.

The P600 Ceramic Cookware sets come with crystal clear glass lids that let you monitor your cooking progress, without needing to lift the lid and risking burns or spills.

Plus, with our detachable handles, you can save a ton of kitchen space, as these versatile sets snugly fit into even the most compact cupboards. Not to mention they make cleaning a breeze!

This is something you won't find with even leading competitors like Caraway and Our Place, who charge an arm and a leg for their pans.

5. Oven Safe: No Harmful Fumes or Chemicals Released

The P600 Cookware is coated with ILAG's premium Xeradur 2 Swiss ceramic coating, which has been extensively tested to ensure it can handle extreme heat changes without any problems.

You may not realize it, but your current cookware could be releasing harmful toxins and fumes into your home.

Black non-stick pans, in particular, are known to break down and release toxic chemicals at temperatures as low as 446°F (230°C) - a temperature commonly reached when cooking certain dishes in the oven.

The Chefs Foundry P600's superior Swiss ceramic coating can withstand extremely high heat without releasing any harmful fumes or chemicals, ensuring that you and your loved ones stay safe and healthy.

Confidently transfer your dishes from stove to oven without worrying about damaging the cookware or exposing yourself to dangerous toxins.

6. Bonus Reason: For today only save 50% & get a FREE gift worth $19.95 with every order

Order the P600 Cookware range today to get a whopping 50% discount, plus a complimentary set of soft-touch cooking utensils that usually retails for $19.95.

We want more families to experience the joy of using our premium cookware range, which is why we're offering the first 500 sets we have in the warehouse at a whopping 50% off today.

But that's not all... 

We know that using poor utensils can be a major reason why your cookware doesn't last very long. That's why we're including a free set of premium silicone utensils, worth $19.95, with every purchase.

These soft-touch utensils are made from high-quality silicone and are gentle enough to use on even the most delicate surfaces, without scratching or leaving marks.

These utensils will help protect your cookware from damage and ensure that it lasts for years to come.

The best part? They're completely free.

But act fast, as this deal is likely to run out soon.

We independently test every single batch of P600 cookware rigorously

We test independently every single batch of P600 cookware that comes of the line for all toxins:

  • All PFA substances

  • Lead

  • Cadmium

If they don’t pass with flying colours, they NEVER make it to market.

We wanted these pans to be the very safest known to man.

Before we brought them to market, we put them through the ringer with dozens of tests…

Any great non-stick pan should be able to fry and eg with NO oil without it sticking. The P600 ceramics pass with flying colours.

P600 Ceramic Cookware

Other Inferior Pans...

P600 Ceramic Cookware

Other Inferior Pans...

P600 Ceramic Cookware

The chicken wing test is designed to see whether a pan discolours. We take a raw chicken wing and fry it DIRECTLY on the pan with a thick BBQ sauce until cooked. We repeat this 20 times.

Agreed, this is a bit cluckoo mad! But the reason we do it is because we don't our pans to discolor. As you can see on the right, they passed with flying colours!

Some ceramics and non-stick pans are prone to cracking and chipping when going from very hot to very cold. Such as if you were to rinse a hot pan with water.

The ILAG Xeradur 2 we use on our pan has been tested thoroughly to ensure it can withstand extreme heat changes with xero issues.

P600 Ceramic Cookware

The Car Test


Watch these marvelous pans in action below yourself…

But do they work on induction cooktops?

Absolutely! Our pans are equipped with thick made to last bases making them induction, gas and even electric hob friendly.

So what are they made of?

Pan body: Made of Alu alloy 3003, which provides excellent heat conductivity and durability. It's not made of oxidized aluminum.

Inside coating: Features the world-leading Swiss-developed Xeradur 2 ceramic coating, which provides a non-stick surface, making cooking and cleaning easier.

Outside Coating: A silicon polyester heat-resistant coating, which protects the pans from high temperatures and prevents them from warping or deforming.

Induction sheet: Made of stainless steel 430, which is a high-quality material that is resistant to corrosion and rust.

More Than 10,254+ Customers All Over America Love These Pans...

P600 ceramic pans are the absolute best cookware I’ve ever used and I’ve invested in a few good sets over my 70+ years. Buy these pans- you won’t regret it.

Victoria D.

✔ Verified Purchase

I love these pans !

Maria D.

✔ Verified Purchase

We absolutely love our P600 ceramic pans! Time saved cleaning makes it so worth the money! Food tastes much better as well!

Janet W.

✔ Verified Purchase

I'm loving the quality of this cookware! Great feeling knowing it won't flake off & put toxins in my family's food. Super easy to clean too so huge plus there.

April Watts - Manager @ DanetteMay.com

I love the detachable handles! I love how easy they are to clean. They are hands down the best cookware I've ever owned!

Becky Williams - Keto Summit

The quality of these pans have by far exceeded my expectations. I still can't believe they really are nonstick, I didn't think it was possible! One of my favorite things about these is that you can store these in compact places. no more handles sticking out!

Doc Parsley - DocParsley.com

By far the BEST skillets I ever used! I want my family to eat healthier so I bought 4 extra sets to give away. They make fantastic gifts!🥰

Valerie S.

✔ Verified Purchase

We love our P600 pan set! So lightweight and cook evenly and quickly. We even have the pot set and knives. It’s so great!

Tulsi M.

✔ Verified Purchase

These pans cook your food where they actually taste better. The non stick is amazing, proper care for these pans will have them lasting a long time.

John C.

✔ Verified Purchase

My husband and I absolutely love the P600 pans. I bought a set for each of our boys too and they love also!

Brooke G.

✔ Verified Purchase

What price can you put on keeping your family safe from toxic chemicals?

Remember every single day you use your old non-stick pans you're putting your family's health at risk, potentially causing various health problems.

But you are particularly at risk if your pan shows any of the following warning signs:

  • Is made by T-fal (Tefal) or are black non-stick: If so they almost certainly contain PFA’s.

  • Made before 2019 - This means your cookware could contain known toxins as they were not banned worldwide until May 2019.

  • Shows any sign of wear and tear - This means harmful PFA’s could be flaking off into your families food.

If your cookware shows one or more of these warning signs, you should seriously consider taking us up on our offer below immediately…

If I asked you, how much would you pay for your family not to get cancer, could you even put a price on it?

I know I certainly couldn’t put any amount of money on keeping my family safe from harmful chemicals.

I’d pay thousands.

But thankfully today you won't have to do that.

See other ceramic cookware retails for up to $459.95 per set.

And usually we charge $399.95 for a set.

But whenever we get in a new batch we do a very special promotion for the first 500 sets!

You may think why would we provide such a big discount, but actually it's a win/win...

See all we ask is that when you receive your cookware, you must promise to leave us an honest review.

If you agree to that, we'll ship you this incredible set of world class cookware to your door within the next 3 working days for a whopping 50% off the MSRP.

We’re offering the first 500 sets we have in the warehouse for a whopping 50% off.

That’s just $199.95 for our deluxe set of cookware:

Here's exactly what you're going to get when you order today:

1 x 11.5" Large Frying Pan

Perfect for frying chicken, bacon, vegetables, stir frys and much more.

1 x 10" Medium Frying Pan

For when you are cooking a smaller meal or need to cook vegetables or sides dishes.

1 x 8" Small Frying Pan

For the perfect fried egg or solo meal.

But we’re not done there, we’ll also throw in a completely FREE set off soft touch cooking utensils, which we usually retails for $19.95.

That’s a total value of $399.95, but today you’ll only pay just $199.95.

Now remember this deal is likely to run out at any moment, so if you truly want to protect your whole family, we recommend purchasing more than one set to give to sons, daughters, mothers or fathers.

They will thank you for looking out for their health and safety.

Not to mention, they make absolutely incredible gifts for birthdays and Christmas.

How does Chefs Foundry stack up to the competition?

There’s absolutely NO risk to try these with our rock solid money back guarantee.

We fully stand by this cookware set as the best pans money can buy. If you buy them and for any reason you don’t like them in the first 60 days, simply let us know and we’ll refund every cent.

How can you let us know? Just email support@chefsfoundry.com

Act fast, only 500 sets are available at this discounted price.

Now I must warn you our friends at big food blogs like PaleoHacks, KetoSummit and Gloriously Vegan have all asked us to try and get some of these pans for their email subscribers for this crazy discounted price.

Between them they have millions of subscribers.

If you’re seeing this page we still have stock, so it is likely they have not sent their promotions yet, but it is very likely we will sell out in the next few days.

Or if you have just landed here from one of those sites, the cat is now out of the bag and it is likely we will sell through our stock in just a matter of hours.

If you want to protect your family with the next generation of incredible non-toxic pans, I highly suggest you go ahead and click the big orange button below right now and lock in your discount.

Remember every day you keep your regular non-stick pans, is another day that you’re putting your family unnecessarily at risk.

Don’t allow your family to be Duponts guinea pigs for one second longer. 

Make the change your family deserves today.

Over 10,254 Happy Customers:

Buy More Save More. They Make Great Gifts!

Choose your quantity below now:

10,254+ Happy Customers

$1,200$480Save 60%

Just $159.95 per set!

  • 60 day guarantee

  • FREE continental USA shipping 

    today only

  • Delivered in 3-5 working days

2 x P600 Cookware Frying Pan Set

10,254+ Happy Customers

$800$360Save 55%

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  • 60 day guarantee

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  • Delivered in 3-5 working days

10,254+ Happy Customers

$400$200Save 50%

Just $199.95 per set!

  • 60 day guarantee

  • FREE continental USA shipping 

    today only

  • Delivered in 3-5 working days

Frequently Asked Questons:

How do you ship P600 cookware?

Our primary shipping carriers are either the United States Postal Service (USPS) or FedEx, so you can expect reliable and prompt delivery of your order. 

We ship from our warehouse in Texas, your cookware should usually be with you in 3-5 working days' time within the United States.

What's the Chef's Foundry Cookware 60 Day Guarantee?

It's simple, we fully stand by this cookware set as the best pans money can buy. If you buy them and for any reason you don’t like them in the first 60 days, simply let us know via email and we’ll refund every cent:

Chef’s Foundry Returns @ Selery

1809 W. Frankford #160

Carrollton, Tx. 75007

Once we receive them back we'll provide a full, no questions asked refund!

What are the sizes of these pans?

Our deluxe cookware set comprises three high-quality ceramic frying pans of different sizes, including:

- 1 x 8-inch frying pan

- 1 x 9-inch frying pan

- 1 x 11-inch frying pan

Do they work on induction cooktops?

Absolutely! They’re induction, gas and electric hob friendly!

Will they get damaged by using utensils?

Only soft touch silicone, bamboo, wooden or plastic utensils should be used with the P600 ceramic pans!

But don't worry, because we offer FREE soft-touch utensils with each order!

These utensils are easy on your cookware and help prevent scratches.

Plus, unlike regular pans, the P600 Cookware is extremely durable and scratch resistant.

How do you clean the P600 cookware?

1 - Soak the pan in warm, soapy water for 10-15 minutes. This will help loosen any dried-on food or stains.

2 - Lightly scrub the affected areas gently with a non-abrasive sponge or cloth, food should come off extremely easily due to the Xeradur 2 non stick coating.

3 - Rinse the pan thoroughly with warm water and dry it with a soft cloth.

Are they oven-safe?

Yes. The Chefs Foundry P600's superior Swiss ceramic coating can withstand extremely high heat without releasing any harmful fumes or chemicals.

Please ensure to remove detachable handles before putting in the oven!

What are these pans made of?

The pan body of our 3-piece ceramic cookware set is made of Alu alloy 3003, which is a type of aluminum alloy that provides excellent heat conductivity and durability. It is not made of oxidized aluminum.

The induction sheet is made of stainless steel 430, which is a high-quality material that is resistant to corrosion and rust.

The inside coating of the pans is world leading Swiss developed Xeradur 2 ceramic coating, which provides a non-stick surface that makes cooking and cleaning easier. 

The outside coating is a silicon polyester heat-resistant coating, which protects the pans from high temperatures and prevents them from warping or deforming.

How long do they last?

The lifespan of any ceramic cookware set can vary depending on factors such as the quality of the materials used, how often it is used, how it is cared for, and the type of stove it is used on. So the truthful answer is, "it depends."

What we can assure you of is the the Chefs Foundry P600's use the worlds best Swiss developed Xeradur 2 coating. Meaning with proper care and maintenance they will last longer than any other ceramic pan on the market.

How do I contact you?

Why do you need my email address and phone number when I order?

We use your email address to send you a confirmation of your purchase - this confirmation also acts as an invoice and receipt for your order.

Your phone number is used in case we're having trouble delivering your order, so it's very important too!

We will NEVER sell or rent your personal details to third parties.

Where do you ship from?

We ship from our fulfillment center in Texas.

Do you deliver internationally?

Yes, we can ship orders internationally.

Just email our support team at support@chefsfoundry.com and we'll manually place an order for you.

Who are Chef's Foundry?

We are a leading kitchenware manufacturer specialising in sourcing high quality kitchen tools that make your life in the kitchen easier. It is our mission to make delicious healthy eating accessible by providing high quality tools that make your food prep a breeze.

Chef’s Foundry Returns @ Selery

1809 W. Frankford #160

Carrollton, Tx. 75007

Email: support@chefsfoundry.com | Phone: (855) 536-7538

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